The Millennial Homemakers™: Interior Decorating, Hostessing, Homemaking, & Lifestyle Tips

#2 Interior Design Q & A

January 3, 2017

Get to know Jackie & Jaclyn as they answer questions about home decor and design. We’ll answer questions about our must-have home decor items, our favorite interior design trends, decorating on a budget, and more!


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Topics Discussed:

  • How we became interested in interior design
  • Our must-have home decor items
  • Our favorite (and least favorite) interior design trends
  • Tips & Tricks for decorating on a budget
  • Our sources of inspiration


Jackie Said:

  • Farmhouse style reuses; it recycles.


Jaclyn Said:

  • Small gestures really go a long way, and people notice the small details.


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  • Jaclyn knows that the Parthenon is in Greece and the Pantheon is in Rome.
  • The previous tenants’ washer and dryer died, not the previous tenants.

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