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Personal Style Revisited - Season 5 Episode 6

September 24, 2019

Welcome to the Millennial Homemakers! On this episode, we talk about our updated personal style.


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Topics Discussed:

  • Jaclyn's original 3 words:

    1. classic
    2. feminine
    3. eclectic
  • Jaclyn's redefined style: eclectic traditionalist
  • Jackie's original 3 words:
    1. comfortable
    2. simple
    3. timeless
  • Jackie's redefined style: cozy industrial
  • How to define your style:
    1. Look at similar images on Pinterest
    2. Use Pinterest's visual search
    3. Read your favorite Pins' descriptions
    4. Look at your Instagram feed
    5. Find your favorite Instagrammers, and follow people they follow.


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